Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Odd Challenges

When I began this journey, I thought I would face many challenges. Where my mind went was imaging my being emotionally and spiritually challenged. What I didn't expect was to challenged to tackle the latest technology. My Prayer Partner has a belief, the world is being opened up and helped saved by God through technology...and he is so totally using me!

First it was the purchasing of a Blackberry Storm for the first trip to Tanzania with my Mission Mentor. As the pictures on this blog attest, I LOVED embracing that (new to me) technology.
Next up....videography! YIKES!! I didn't even know which side of blank dvd to put in until last Friday!

The leg of the journey begins when I asked Bishop Lupaa what, if anything, I could bring to help with this visit. "Video Equipment" was his response. I am grateful we weren't Skyping, I wouldn't want him to have seen the look on my face I found this out

On my first meeting with Bishop Lupaa he saw me playing with my cute little crackberry. I showed him how I was immediately posting to my blog....but videos....I hadn't taken real, serious videos in the digital age.

Cabell - the brilliant nephew, Wayne - the E-Media Manager who is on his way to being EMO (E-Media Officer), and a dh by phone....and I am in the 21st Century!!

Through pain and hardship, trial and tribulation, Wayne, dh and Cabell are being prepared for Sainthood. They have me ready to be "Videographer for the Diocese of the Rift Valley".

I'm liking my new title!

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