Friday, June 5, 2009

Locks of love

OK...I did. I got a p...e...r...m. Went into Glynn Jones Salon and had my stylist do it. I feel so funky! The problem was I really didn't like seeing all the pictures of me in Tanzania with my hair pulled back. But, NO hairdryers. So the "blow-out" did not exist for me and would not on my next trip.

I consulted my sister who has two things going for her. 1. She has been on mission trips before. 2. She gets that I don't want to look dowdy even if I am in harsh conditions. Her advice... the PERM.

As you might imagine, I believe I was the first person to actually request a perm in the history of Glynn Jones.

I am declaring myself an official gypsetter and perms are now cool again!

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