Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ring from Christmas Market

Christmas gift from the DH. I LOVE IT! "Winter Walk" by Valentin Lyudik. 1954. Soviet Socialist Realism.

Christmas in Vienna

Xmas Eve Lunch

Pretty good!

Boiled beef for the DH.

Our waiter. Taken by mistake. He walked into the picture!

Sparkling Austrian Wine!

Street in Vienna

Guess I will be in Juba for Ball Season!


The fountain in front was actually made in the mid 1800s. Not part of the Soviet WWII Memorial.

Street in Vienna


French Embassy in Vienna

Soviet WWII Memorial. Ugly.

Looking back up the street

Street car in Vienna

Closer view

Closing up shop!

Walking Belvedere

Love the no decorations simplicity

Better photo than the below one

Nice walk before lunch

Love it!

Really, I don't have a gate fixation!

Love the look on his face!

Christmas Eve walk at Belvedere

Looking up!

Gate at Belvedere

Pretty long property

Gardens at Belvedere

Haven't been able to get what's up with the equipment

A close up

Prince Eugene had a thing for sphinx women (or as the dear husband calls them, garden gnomes on steroids)

I feel for the horses....

Garden at Belvedere

House next to Belvedere