Sunday, June 24, 2012

Slippers from KikoRomeo. Nice on a cool Nairobi night!

Fresh flowers in my room. Yup. Officially spoiled.

Wow, a picture says a thousand words. I think the look on my face says it all. In 20 years or less, this may be all we see of my precious Rhinos. I didn't even realize the look on my face when the picture was taken!

Felix, our brilliant driver, and I had a long discussion yesterday over lunch. What IS it about Nairobi that people love. Well, I will add to our list that taking pictures like this in the city limits!

I love Kenya

And it has only gotten worse since 1989....

The burn pit

Standing completely alone and not moving...not a good sign.

Another pic of the twiga

Yes, I am hanging out the window to get this shot. More pics below about this awesome experience.


Here is the surreal part of NNP, we are IN the city. They, rightfully say, the ONLY National Park in a capital city - in the world. Amazing!

I took this before we entered the park in case we didn't see any lions. Ha!

Our lunch time companions

Closer view of our picnic mates

We went right past 3 Lionesses so hungry they were out hunting in the middle of the day. Yes, eventually Nzasu and I closed the car windows! LOL! Our driver, Felix, was so amazing and knew so much! Sorry this is blurry. Maybe I was shaking! :-)

There really aren't words to describe the magic of this day and seeing the 3 Lionesses out hunting in the middle of the day, especially after the Masaii massacre of the 7 here in Nairobi last week.

The traffic after the lionesses...