Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life's Roadmap

I had an interesting conversation the other day with my prayer partner. On top of being a great friend, she's a wonderful wife and mother and a principal partner in The DeJohn Group. She's prayed with me and held my hand through some high highs and low lows.

This day I was just chatting about the African masks and art I had brought back, yet haven't found a place for them in my home. While I don't regret getting them, I want to display them. Our home is not huge, and already has so many walls covered in art from our 16 years of marriage.

What my prayer partner said that just struck me as so right was I what I have purchased is part of Life's Roadmap. Sometimes, she believes, God has us do, say, experience, and this case purchase something that is part of our Roadmap. The art and masks, in particular, are part of my future and it is my future home (in Africa?) that will display them.

I do know that during our first year of marriage my dh came home from working in Panama with these things called "molas". I laughed thinking we would NEVER have a home where displaying those things would be appropriate. Guess what is the most beautiful part of our home?

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