Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow and Request for Input

[Photo, mine, April 2009: Tanzania]

Hello, Hello....

I hop in my taxi at 4:30 am tomorrow. Then two days of my body being in the tin can...and I will be in Tanzania. Here's a new link for info in Dar es Salaam I have been given - pretty cool http://www.dar411.com/ .

When I get to JFK, I get to meet and travel with a young woman who is on her first visit to Tanzania. I like having company when I travel.

Inspired by my huge learning curve, I've begun my "Massive Mission Manual" [working title]. I had so much to learn and am still learning. I think it would be nice to have a list and suggestions.

Here's an example....I wish I hadn't taken hand cream. Even unscented, it was redundant to my sunscreen and would have saved me valuable room (each ounce counts!) in my luggage.

If you have been on mission, or are simply a world traveler, gypsetter or just darn smart, send me your hints. I plan on publishing them here, so there will be an on-line reference for (hopefully) years to come!


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