Thursday, October 8, 2009

God has a plan

Yesterday morning we were walking down King Street having just met Erasto and Rebecca at the train. Erasto asked me if I knew where a Solar Panel Store was in the area. "Well," I thought, "I know where all the shoe stores are in Old Town, Solar Panel Stores, not so much." Really, do such things even exist?

I told him to try looking on the internet back in Richmond (we had a packed itenerary for the day and had to keep moving).....that was about 11 a.m.

After touring Old Town, going to church, lunch at Il Porto's, we stopped by my house before hitting the Metro. While there I opened a piece of mail that handed me news that was shocking and distrubing. Why, on the day with my good friends from Tanzania, would this arrive? I was shacken to the core.

Still, on we went to DC. I tried to laugh and not think about what was in the letter. But, as anyone who knows me knows, I am, ummmmmm, a deeply feeling person - this had really sucked the wind from my sales.

As we continued walking and touring, I allowed my mind to become engrossed in the letter. I repeated the news over and over again in my mind. I fielded phonecalls in response to those I had placed concerning the letter. I was really not paying attention to my surroundings. The fog of evil behind this letter enveloped me.

Then, about 4 p.m. as our weaking legs propelled us down the Mall, dh said, "Amy, look." As I turned, there right in front of me, was a giant sign flashing, "Solar Decathlon".

You see, for only one week, every two year, the ENTIRE world of Solar Energy decends on Washington, DC. Teams from Germany, Spain, all the major US Universities, the who's who of Solar Supply companies, EVERY SINGLE PERSON OR COMPANY IN THE SOLAR WORLD WAS RIGHT BEFORE US.

Not missing a beat, Erasto turned to me and said, "You see, Amy, God has a plan." And, indeed he does.

....The Solar below.

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