Saturday, October 17, 2009

Found a gem

This has to be the best restaurant I have ever eaten at on the OBX....The Pearl. No trip there will ever be complete without this dining experience. Only 3 criticisms - rock music at lunch - huh?- they finally stopped that. Coffee that was so weak it could have passed for tea (in a FRENCH Restaurant - huh? huh?) Lastly, the location...a mid-grade hotel (huh3?). I believe so many will overlook this gem because of the "Hotel Restaurant" belief. It could not be farther from that concept.

My meal - Good bread and butter (thank God. I am so sick of Olive Oil...). Cheese plate followed by Sheephead [fish] - which the Cheif kindly made with a cream base sauce instead of a veal based sauce, followed by the best melon and pear sorbets (the rasberry was my fault - when will I learn how much I dislike raspberry?).

DH started with a fabulous Normandy Onion Soup - which I tasted and pretended I didn't know it had veal stock ;-). He followed this with the most sublime "The Classic BLT" – consisting of "Fresh vine ripe tomato, crisp romaine and Smithfield bacon on sun dried tomato Foccacia bread and fries." "Fries" being beautiful tasting potatoe wedges. His dessert will be the one I will ALWAYS order from now on: Pain Perdu - unfortunately, this was a special. I LOVED this dessert.

DH was driving so he couldn't enjoy the Rodney Strong 2007 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Once again, my beloved Russian River Valley came through.

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