Monday, March 23, 2009

Shopping for a cause

One of the most bizarre (to me!) side effects of having gone to Africa last summer is how clothes shopping has now become a chore. This is not to be misconstrued as my not wanting or liking nice things. I certainly do and with consumerism ingrained in me ~ literally prenatally ~ I don’t foresee some sort of Quakerism in my future.

But still, I simply have lost all interest in clothes shopping. I should have know this was happening when for the first time in years I didn’t purchase the September Vogue. And, God bless Condé Nast, it looks like I wasn’t alone in that!

So, yesterday I dragged myself all of 2 & ½ blocks to Talbot’s to purchase what I affectionately call an “old lady track suit”. I had made the mistake of wearing jeans on the flight to South Africa. [Note to self: do not take fashion advice from women who gasp at flights over 20 hours!]

When I walked in, the sales clerk asked me what I needed. They had exactly what I needed in the back and she went and got it. Perfect ~ in my size ~ on sale ~ and the color I wanted (brown!). It was so easy that I had enough emotional energy left to run down to Ross to get sheets for the trip.

Funny how life turns out sometimes!

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