Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leaving the cocoon

Earlier this week I told my boss that I would be leaving. Though, this was done with a large amount of prayer and family discussion, it was nonetheless extremely difficult on many levels.

First, I have had to tell several of my friends who are out of work. Second, it is so counter intuitive to leave a nice position when we are in the middle of a worldwide recession.

And, lastly, I had a great job. While it wasn’t perfect all the time (like life!), I had a nice, more than lenient boss (and you know I’m being honest because there’s no performance review now!). Also, it was comfortable. I walked to work. My co-workers were a fun, quirky bunch. And, it was across the street from Whole Foods. (My WF addiction runs deep.)

This has been the safest, happiest I have ever felt with a job. Yet, as I learned in the discernment for lay mission, that makes my calling even more clear. When you run to and not from something ~ it is right.

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