Friday, May 29, 2009

Sometimes the best course of action is no action at all

I must sing the praises of Capitol Travel Medicine and Georgetown University Center for Infectious Diseases - THEY ROCK!!!

Long story short...when I returned home, I had what I thought were misquito bites on my legs. One would not heal. I tried everything. Hydrogen perioxide and neosporan every day. Repeatedly.

Well....upon advice of a very wise retired MD, I went to have "eyes look on it, who know what they are seeing."

Two doctors' visits and blood work later....basically, I had either a bite from some strange African bug, or thorns or nettles had irritated my leg. In either case, I was making matters worse! repeatedly putting so much anti-bacterial on my leg, I wouldn't heal.

Following Georgetown University's Center for Infectious Diseases advice to not do anything, my leg is beginning to heal.

So, sometimes the best course of action is NO action!

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