Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enjoying the journey

I woke up this morning thinking about the space we inhabit and where we decide to place ourselves. Being blessed with a wonderful husband, I feel loved, safe, and completely comfortable in our home. Our “perfect puppy” demands my attention and allows me to hug and love on him to my heart’s content – though sometimes insisting my hand be used for petting and not typing.

And, I love Old Town. I love our neighbors and I deeply love our church.

Yet, somehow I managed to leave half my heart in Africa.

One of my acquaintances has challenged me as to why Africa. Why not Brazil? Or India? Had I forgotten about Tibet? And, other than the simplistic, truthful answer of it is where God has called me, I have no intellectual answer.

I do know I am relishing in, loving and so excited about the journey….the destination will take care of itself. God will get me there and in the process, I am enjoying each step of the way.

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