Saturday, June 5, 2010

Almost overwhelmed ....

I get such a charge out of days like this. Meetings, talks, volunteering, new people, awesome projects....

Today was all about Sudan. I volunteered with and was able to attend the AFRECS Conference yesterday and today. Though the conference goes on tomorrow, I have homework - both literally and figuratively - that must get done! Work, home and now school - are my next few months of reality. Add to that my friends with whom I love to stay connected ----- so few hour in the day!!!!!!

Back to AFRECS ---- I am honored and humbled by what I saw, heard and experienced.

Part of my heart always goes to the young VMI cadet, aged 14, who died in the Battle of New Market, when I think of the young men who joined the army in Sudan. He is my connection to the experience. Thanks to the DH, I looked at picture of him, hanging in our office, for more than a decade.

In all, as I continue to try and process what I experienced this weekend, I fear for January 9, 2011. I am blessed to have met those who are so involved. I am humbled at how little I have done. And, I am honored to have the opportunities I have been given.

Good Bless the USA and South Sudan.

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