Monday, November 23, 2009

Capitol Travel Medicine (CTM) Rocks!

OK, no alarm bells....but while at the AIDS Hospice I reached down to give Patience a hug and she decided to kiss me on the check. She is this beautiful 16 year old who has AIDS/TB and according to the nurses the TB has ravaged her body - but she's looking better than when she first arrived. She pretty much broke my heart. 16.....SIXTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo, I ere on the side of caution and call my CTM ~ the Nurse Practioner suggests I immediately go for a test. I have an appointment for next Monday. (I know I have provided CTM with much to talk about...."What will Amy come back with this time?")

I was talking about the clinic and Patience on the plane with one of the nice gentlemen from Houston who were on my return flight. He asked me if I knew she had TB when I went to hug her. I did. But I also know that she needed to have human contact. We all need love, especially Patience.

I'll let you know when my test comes back negative. Of course, I again left half my heart in South cure for that.

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