Monday, September 7, 2009

Still working a few projects for the DRV

Though I had my big "debrief" with the World Mission Coordinator, I'm still working on a few personal projects for the DRV. First, I need to get the videos I took uploaded to YouTube. I'll post a link when I get that done.

Second, I need to finish the Diocese Profile Bishop Lupaa asked me to create.

Fall is here and I need to buckle down on a list of goals I have created.

I have been provisionally accepted to the ROC for Medair, tons of paperwork there to complete. I love their statement - "You don't need two years of experience in a war zone and a Ph.D. in International Relations to work with us."

Below is a video of Jackie, taken by her sister Axa, from my last trip to Tanzania. This was just before she was diagnosed with Malaria. This is the little girl I am talking about if you have heard my story about her collapsing in front of me. She is, to date, the only child I truly believed might die right in front of me. Thank God she is ok.

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